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The mending of meshes of the arms with gold wire

Mending of meshes is done on the posterior face known as of the triceps. It is a zone not requested in the everyday life on the muscular level. The muscle is often hypotrophie and the skin is slackened prematurely. One practises a true subcutaneous squaring of the zone which allows a better support. For a good result, the ptose must be limited and the moderate lubricating overload.



To in no case, the gold wire do not claim to compete with the face lift of the arms.

Mending of meshes is addressed to the people:

• Which has a fine skin
• Without lubricating overload



• Local anaesthesia
• Mending of meshes in net of the 2 arms (2 zones)

maximum 1 hour

They are generally simple: • Painless Method
• Oedemas and bruises
• Linear Hematome on the way of the wire quickly resorbable in a few days
• No systematic antibiotics
• Sometimes an anti-inflammatory drug treatment can be prescribed
• The patients leave without bandage but a compression can be necessary during 1/2 hour.

Stable 5 years on average