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Eyelids: The mending of meshes of the face with gold threads



The mending of meshes of the face relates to the oval and the neck. To in no case, the gold wire do not claim to compete with the cervico-facial face lift.

Mending of meshes is addressed to the people which returns in the indications:
• fine and slackened skin
• the skin is reached but which does not want to deal with the surgery by fear of the general anaesthesia or the risks of failure of a face lift



Mending of meshes with gold wire is an excellent method to fight against the relaxation and to come to end of the wrinkles from the face. This technique does not enable you to lose ten year immediately, but it gives again a new glare with the face, roof the wrinkles and slows down the lawsuit of ageing considerably. The gold wire are appropriate for the fine and slackened skins. Certain doctors associate them wire of Vicryl, thick wire agreeing perfectly with the rebuilding of the oval of the face.

The technique of mending of meshes consists in manufacturing in the skin a gold wire grid (not resorbables) or a shandy of various types of wire resorbables and not resorbables (for example by mixing wire of gold and vicryl). Mending of meshes is drawn beforehand on the skin cleaned and prepared as for a surgical operation and to avoid the least infection.

The reaction of wire makes it possible the organization to manufacture new elastic fibres. This is why, the doctor will alternate wire resorbables and wire not resorbables in mending of meshes to obtain better results. As soon as one introduces a wire under the skin, this last factory of collagen and the fibroblasts to fight against the foreign body. There is a local ignition and a fibrose fabrics which fill the wrinkle.

All the wire which one can place under the skin are resorbables, except gold wire. Gold is not allergenic. The process is thus strictly without risks.

Duration: maximum 1 hour

They are generally simple:

• Painless Method
• Oedemas and bruises
• Linear Hematome on the way of the wire quickly resorbable in a few days
• No systematic antibiotics
• Sometimes an anti-inflammatory drug treatment can be prescribed
• The patients leave without bandage but a compression can be necessary during 1/2 hour.

Results: Stable 5 years on average