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The mending of meshes of the hands with gold wire

The hands fade quickly. With time, one attends a lubricating cast iron, the skin is thinned until becoming sometimes translucent with the apparent veins. The skin is dehydrated and fripe. They are the poor relation in medicine and in plastic surgery because no solution was brought so far.

The mending of meshes possibly associated others gestures gives satisfaction at the majority of our patients.



• Local anaesthesia
• Mending of meshes in net of the 2 arms (2 zones)

1 hour approximately

They are generally simple:
• Painless Method
• Oedemas and bruises
• Linear Hematome on the way of the wire quickly resorbable in a few days
• No systematic antibiotics
• Sometimes an anti-inflammatory drug treatment can be prescribed
• The patients leave without bandage but a compression can be necessary during 1/2 hour.

Stable 5 years on average