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The mending of meshes of the stomach with gold wire

Mending of meshes is addressed to a slightly folded belly and without lubricating overload. The 2 zones known and under-umbilical can be treated in the same meeting or separately. Mending of meshes reinforces the lines of Langer on the level of the belly: according to a way obliques of back ahead to the bottom and joining the line of centers. In certain cases, a reinforcement of the area of the muscles large-rights is necessary. In this case, the wire have a strictly vertical direction.



To in no case, the gold wire do not claim to compete with an abdominal plastie.

Mending of meshes is addressed to the people:

• Which has a fine skin
• Without lubricating overload



• Local anaesthesia
• Mending of meshes out of V and vertical mending of meshes. It can s'agir traditional mending of meshes with the wire d'or but often c'est the technique of the CRANTOR which is indicated: the CRANTOR having especially a mechanical role.
• Zones known or under umbilical (= 2 zones)

1 hour approximately

They are generally simple: • Painless Method
• Oedemas and bruises
• Linear Hematome on the way of the wire quickly resorbable in a few days
• No systematic antibiotics
• Sometimes an anti-inflammatory drug treatment can be prescribed
• The patients leave without bandage but a compression can be necessary during 1/2 hour.

Stable 5 years on average